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The Essence of Resume Writing

Jul 25 2015

The Essence of Resume Writing

Writing a professional resume can be compared with art. In such a case, a good resume is a kind of masterpiece that you have to create yourself. You work like an artist whose resources are limited. You must create a flawless image within a finite space. You carefully choose words, like colors,until you look at it and whisper: ‘This is perfect’.

It is like you’re trying to polish the stone so that it becomes a gem. You play with words to make it glitter. You’re trying to see something special in a plain text. You fill it with sense, so it reveals something special… at least, for you. And you do the utmost to bring it to other people. 

Crafting a resume also resembles a puzzle. You need to collect its parts in a proper way to get a portrait of the man. Your portrait. So you arrange some events from you life in such a way to obtain a complete image.

You’re looking for answers to such existential questions as:

– What is your source of motivation?

– What would you like to do in this life?

– What talents do you have?

– Is there something you can be proud of?

– What are you passionate about and what you can do even for free?

A good resume is like anexquisite canvas with your face on it. You may look at it from different angles, but it remains equally good. And everyone admires the picture and your beauty. They have a feeling that you are special. And they are willing to discover what makes you special.