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To achieve your goal, any letter of intent should broadly explain why you want to apply to that job, the arguments that you advocate to be appropriate for that position, and the desire to be contacted by your employer to prove your potential professional.

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The cover letter must reflect personal style, aspects that differentiate you from other candidates, to outline your uniqueness, ability to argue, professionalism and persuasion ability. You can purchase a custom cover letter to increase your chances of employment, any candidate must consider the existence of some characteristic features: personal data, how you present yourself and some conclusions.

Identification – the first contact

Both the sender's and recipient's identification must be as complete as possible. If the cover letter is sent in a physical form, the employee's identification data is entered at the top (name, surname, home address, mail address, telephone number), and if the letter is sent in electronically, these items are passed at the end of the letter in the signature. The addressee must also be specified at the beginning of the letter. If the name of the company is known, it must be passed under the name the position of the recruiter (HR manager for example), which will be entered in the addressing formula at the beginning of the letter. Don’t forget to respect the writing standards and don’t try to be fancy – Times New Roman is the most common style. For those who choose to buy cover letter online and try professional cv services, they will see how beautifully will be the presentation made.

Introduction – present yourself

It is very important that in the introduction part of the letter you distinguish yourself and explain the reason that encouraged you to send this application. Don’t forget to clearly state to the recruiter the job and the source from where you find about the availability of the job.

The Body – where the magic happens

This is the most important part of a cover letter. In almost two paragraphs you need to attract the attention of the employer and to stimulate his curiosity. You have to make a short argumentation of what motivated you to apply for this position and what are your skills and experience that correspond to the required profile. Try to be as brief as possible and not overdo it. Do not repeat the information already in the cover letter, formulate concise phrases and try to use professional language. Even if some like to see some colorful expression, don’t try to be extravagant. If you choose some cover letter service you will have some good talk with your top resume writer about the importance of this part.

Conclusion – the most beautiful part

In the last paragraph, you formulate the conclusions and show your availability for a future meeting. Do not forget to thank the recipient for your attention and end up using a professional, neutral formula; "With consideration,"; "Regards"; "Respectfully”. Also, if you have some online profiles you can add them to your cover letter. Online profiles are also good to have and prepared for your future employer. Professional LinkedIn profile writers could also be found.

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