Free Resume Examples and Samples

A cover letter can either make or break a job application. A good one draws a potential employer in and can be what helps get you the all-important interview you’re after. Writing a good cover letter is easy and our cover letter service is here to help you. This article breaks...

When writing a resume for a nanny position it’s important to put yourself in the place of a parent. Putting trust in somebody to mind your children is difficult, they want to be assured that person is careful, trustworthy, kind and will be a good fit. After all, you will...

A CV is about showcasing your skills in a clear and concise manner. With any science discipline, it is important to highlight all your experience – from laboratory and field research to modules you have taken in university. This shows the type of scientific experience you have and whether it...

Film or TV production is a really demanding job. It is indispensable and hard-hitting all at the same time as the production assistant is required to handle things that no one else would. From making copies of the scripts to roaming around the city to find production properties, a PA...

EMT Resume Objective The first thing that grabs the attention of the hiring manager is your direction towards career goals and how you see it. It should be in best alignment with the job and company. Hire our resume writers to craft a polished and professional job application with customized CV...

Quick Tips to Write a Winning Substitute Teacher Resume An aesthetically nice resume leaves a good impression but keeps it minimal and legible Start your resume with a defining summary that sets your CV apart Try keeping it concise and on-point. Use bullets wherever possible Customize your CV for each...

Waitress Job Description for Resume – What do the employers want? A waitress is the one chosen to entertain the guests, take their orders, listen to them, and serve them the dishes. She’s the one directly interacting with the people. Therefore, companies look for skills and expertise in the candidates that...

When applying for a truck driver job a potential employer will be interested in the type of licence you have, the distances you have covered, your knowledge and ability to plan travel routes, driving record and years of experience. It is important to highlight these in your cover letter to...

When applying for a medical assistant role a cover letter should include the relevant certificates you have, the skills you have developed in your career, your ability to communicate effectively and key achievements you have accomplished. Highlighting these will show a potential employer that you are competent and makes a...

The above example is a good guide because it breaks down years of experience but also discusses achievements within this timeframe, which in turn shows added value, something that is incredibly important in today’s job market. An employer wants to see that a person can go above and beyond in...

Free Resume Examples And Samples

Good Resume Example

Do you need to move forward in your career, and taking a new job role looks like the best option or you are starting in a new career or fresh from college? Wherever you fall in, truth is you need a great resume not only to stand above the crowd but also to sell you right to the hiring manager or recruiter.

To do that, you need to highlight all the necessary parts of the CV that will set you apart from others. Now, some several points or factors will determine if your CV will help you land an interview. And if you are not sure before now, a resume’s job is to get you to the interview room – no more, no less.

You should also know that great resumes are ensured by constant updating. Needless to mention that if your CV isn’t updated, you should get it updated before going forward to send it to the hiring organization.

Professional Resume Samples

Professional resume samples are good ways to start your job hunting. They help you stand on the shoulders of others to land your dream job. On this page, you will find strong resume writing examples that you should utilize. With the importance of great resumes unable to be overemphasized, you shouldn’t shoot yourself in the leg by not utilizing this opportunity.

Free Resume Examples for Jobs

Whether you are looking for jobs around accounting and sales or engineer and sciences, you can be sure you will find perfect examples for jobs. Our resume writing service employs professional resume writers to write those samples for jobs so you never have to worry about standing out among the crowd. We are here to help you land your dream job.

Resume Writing Tips

Some of the essential tips to have a perfect CV include the following;

One page

Except in sporadic cases, you have no reason for your bio to be more than a page, at most two pages. By the time your CV is longer than this, you just increased your chances of having it tossed in the bin. The point is this; your bio should be concise, clear, and straight to the point. The recruiter surely has more CVs to go through, and you shouldn’t decrease your chances of getting an interview by making your own longer than expected.

Discourage design

The only time you are allowed to focus on the design of your CV is if you are applying for a graphics design job. Aside from that, make your design as simple as possible. Make your contact info clear, your skills as well as your job duties clear for the recruiter to see. Other parts of the CV, like your educational experience, are essential too, but you want to ensure that the recruiter focuses on the most critical parts. So, always remember, the content of your CV is what the recruiter is looking for – nothing else.

The 7 seconds rule

If you are a recruiter and you have 7 seconds only on a resume, what will you be looking for? Now, whatever your answer is, make sure it is what your recruiter is looking for. Once you are convinced it is correct, place your focus on that. Now, while the golden rule of recruiters having not more than 7 seconds on a resume might sound untrue, it is safe to assume that.
While recruiters are generally lazy or indeed have a lot on their hands is a topic for another day. What is important now is to know that your recruiter is not interested in you; he or she is somewhat interested in what you can offer his organization. Your job or the task of your CV is to show him just that in the most simple, clear, and concise way through your CV.

Never use a generic resume

Many people have made the mistakes of using the same resume for all job openings they apply for. Heck, maybe you have done that in the past too. Don’t make that mistake again. Each job role you apply for has specific skills set, attributes, and experiences that are required. And you must ensure that your CV is tailor to reflect those keywords if you are serious about landing the interview and ultimately getting the job.

A good resume is standard

Don’t beat yourself over how exactly your resume is supposed to be formatted or what font exactly are recruiters look for. The most important thing in a good CV is the content. Make it readable and make life easier for both you and the recruiter. A good bio should be standard, which means it’s important not to have a bad bio. A bad resume erases your chances, and a good resume is an absolute minimum. The fact is that there is no golden format.  It just has to be easy on the eyes. From the examples in this page, you’ll see that all are acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resume examples are samples of winning resumes that can help you get access into the interview room. You must know that while there are general rules for writing resumes, different job roles have different requirements.

Whether you have been submitting resumes and no one has been getting back to you or you are just getting out of college, what is certain is there is something for you in the samples. You can pick ideas from the samples on how to write your bio. And with several samples available in different fields, you can’t go wrong.

To include writing samples with your bio, search for your preferred job role from the list of free resume samples on this page then check out how they were written. Also consider the hiring organization’s instructions and make sure to align your writing with the company’s tone.