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We have prepared a complete sample resume for production assistant to help you out.

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Film or TV production is a really demanding job. It is indispensable and hard-hitting all at the same time as the production assistant is required to handle things that no one else would. From making copies of the scripts to roaming around the city to find production properties, a PA must manage everything without a complaint. Despite all the toughness and crucial requirements, numerous people dream to land this job and grow their career in the entertainment industry. What sets you apart is a stunning resume with all the reasons to convince the hiring manager that you’re the one they have been looking for.

Production Assistant Job Description for Resume

A Production Assistant plays an unavoidably crucial role in the entertainment industry. The candidate’s job is widely spread over the span of pre-production, during production, and post-production process of the projects. It may include managing and arranging properties during the shoot, handling behind the scene jobs, assisting lighting and sound management in outdoor locations, managing schedules for actors and crews, etc. When writing your film & TV production assistant resume, ensure to keep it close to the job description and describe your skills, certifications, and achievements accordingly. The most common details of a job description may include:

  • Managing schedules of the crew, actors, and related parties
  • Arrange and reserve equipment and production properties
  • Evaluate the budget of production and ensuring it is not exceeded during the shoot
  • Schedule voice artists and other talents with superlative time management skills

Film Production Assistant Resume

To land your dream job, you need a resume and cover letter that outlines all of your skills and qualifications in the best possible manner. A producer spots the right candidate for the job by going through the resumes. It is recommended that your CV should be designed and written in a way that fits best with the job requirements and details.

Here’s an example of the content to help you write a professional resume:

Production Assistant Resume Example

Freelance Production Assistant Resume Writing Tips

Crafting a professional resume if you’re a freelancer is no different than the previously discussed format. You need to highlight the most relevant skills and qualification aligned with the requirements of the job. The employer will look for a differentiating figure and your resume is the tool to stand out from the crowd. Every other PA has somewhat similar strengths and weaknesses, so using strong verbs and filters with proper structuring and format of the CV can help you achieve your career goals.

The following action words intensify the skills and may end up selling your good points to the producer:

  • Screened
  • Recorded
  • Assisted
  • Coordinated
  • Organized
  • Prepared

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Production Assistant Resume – No Experience! What to Write?

If you’re a fresh graduate entering the entertainment industry at beginner level with limited or no experience, there are still chances for you to compete with the candidates and grab the opportunity successfully. Put forward all of the relevant extracurricular activities, associations, internships, and certifications that suit the requirements of the job in question.

Entry Level Production Assistant Resume Sample

Running out of time and writing skills to apply for a production assistant position at a good studio? Here’s a customizable entry-level production assistant resume sample to help you craft a winning job application:


entry-level production assistant resume sample