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A cover letter can either make or break a job application. A good one draws a potential employer in and can be what helps get you the all-important interview you’re after. Writing a good cover letter is easy and our cover letter service is here to help you. This article breaks down a good cover letter sample and offers helpful tips to help you get the job you’re after.

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How to Write a CV Profile Sample

  1. If you know the person’s name you are writing to address the letter with Dear xx, if not Dear Sir/Madam will work
  2. Write why you are getting in touch – to apply for the job
  3. Briefly describe your experience, and make it relevant to the role you are applying for
  4. How this experience benefitted the company/role you were with
  5. Reiterate why you want to work for the company
  6. Sign off with ‘Yours sincerely’ if you know the person’s name ‘Yours faithfully’ if you don’t

CV with no Experience Sample

If you’re applying for a role but don’t have any experience, don’t worry. Highlight why you would like to work for the company and what you think you could do for it. If you’re applying for jobs straight out of school use your school experience – were you apart of any sports teams? Or any school clubs? This shows you’re a team player which is important for all jobs. Even if you think something might not be relevant, it always can be. Our professional CV services can also help put together impressive CV examples so whatever experience you have can be made relevant for your dream role.

CV Format Example

After an excellent cover letter, an excellent CV should follow, that’s a no-brainer. Keep the format easy to read, and always try keep it to one page. This can seem challenging but having the right information and not overloading an employer is key to keeping them interested. It also gives you an opportunity to break down your experience and get rid of unnecessary words or phrases, employers hate fluff. The curriculum vitae example format is as follows:


  1. Profile – two or three sentences summarising your key skills (make sure not to repeat your cover letter)
  2. Key Skills – highlight your key skills so they can be viewed at a glance (example project management, social media, child care, etc.)
  3. Work experience – bullet point your previous work experience
  4. Education
  5. References

The above is a very brief overview of a format to use when applying for a role. For examples of CVs browse our CV format page. We have lots of examples of different CVs and our professional CV services provide free resume builders and a range of impressive CV examples. From great looking CV examples to advice on all tough job applications and the type of CV formats you might come across when applying for jobs. Our LinkedIn resume writer also shows you how to quickly write a CV that any employer will want to read. We have the best resume writers because it’s our job to help you get yours.