Substitute Teacher Resume Sample, Examples

Elementary schools and institutes are always open with vacancies for reliable substitute teachers to keep the system going without any flaw when one or more of the teachers are on vacations, dealing with personal issues or poor health conditions. The need is to prepare an outstanding application as the competition keeps growing. Here you will find the best substitute teacher resume samples and examples to help you land on the job right away.

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Quick Tips to Write a Winning Substitute Teacher Resume

  • An aesthetically nice resume leaves a good impression but keeps it minimal and legible
  • Start your resume with a defining summary that sets your CV apart
  • Try keeping it concise and on-point. Use bullets wherever possible
  • Customize your CV for each job application with relevant filters
  • Proofread the entire content before each submission

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Substitute Teacher Job Description for Resume

When customizing your teacher resume, it is very important to know what the employer is looking for in a candidate. The ideal way to find the answers is to look for it in the job description. The standard description of the job in most schools includes the following requirements:

  • A degree (preferably Masters) in Education or relevant field
  • Valid certification in Teaching or relevant subjects
  • Minimum 1-year experience of teaching in schools
  • Hands-on experience and knowledge of teaching standards
  • Exceptional presentation and communication power
  • Ability to help students in achieving good results (past achievements are preferred)
  • Ability to cultivate good relations with parents, personnel, administrative staff, pupils, and directorial department
  • Flexibility and physical fitness to stand for extensive hours of the day
  • Ability to take the lead by delivering instructions when the regular faculty is absent.

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Substitute Teacher Duties, Responsibilities, and Skills Requirement

A substitute teacher is the one working to support the regular teaching staff by filling the gap when a regular teacher is absent. They supplement the enhancement of the learning process by ensuring a good environment of the classroom with proper arrangement of desks and equipment.

Common Substitute Teachers’ Responsibilities

  • Checking the daily attendance of the students in accordance with the school’s proceeding guidelines
  • Following the teaching procedure, as described in the learning objectives, lesson plans and units assigned
  • Using the instructional methods and materials that supplement attaining those goals and plans
  • Attending the parent-teacher meetings and sustaining a good relationship with the parents by communicating in a professional and polite manner
  • Maintaining a sustainable relationship with the students, administration, and fellow teachers
  • Adhering to the teaching guidelines and policies as described in the manual or advised by the head teaching staff
  • Maintain a healthy environment in the classroom by ensuring an orderly and tidy arrangement of the desks and equipment

Common Skill-set required in a Substitute Teacher

  • Excellent presentation
  • Time management
  • Ability to deliver instructions
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Preferably good drawing skills for presentations
  • Basic computer skills
  • Familiarity with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

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Sample Resume for Substitute Teacher with No Experience

When you have a limited or no teaching experience, crafting a compelling job application may sound difficult. The schools and educational institutes are mostly on the lookout for people willing to take over the opportunity whenever a regular teacher is unavailable so your relevant skills and career objective if written exceptionally can work wonders for you. Here’s a sample of the summary, skills, and education block for teacher resume.


Noah Williams

10651 Shellbridge Way, Canada

000 – 001 – 0002 | (123) 456-7899

[email protected]


Career Objective

A dynamic and active fresh graduate with a degree in Education and Social Sciences. Experience as a counselor in helping primary kids with projects and activities and will to play my part in spreading education.



College Graduate – Year – Name of College

Certification – Year – Name of Institute

Prominent Activity/Association – Year – Name of Institute



Excellent communication

Ability to deal with younger kids

Capable of delivering instructions

Advanced skills in MS Word and PowerPoint


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