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Let our resume editors help you make your resume the best it has been yet. We can make your presentation stand out with our editing services!

Our resume writers know how to take an existing piece, identify what information needs to be added and how to organize your document for easy reading.

Your new resume will be customized for your targeted industry or employer. We can also help make industry transitions easier.

You have 4 days after receiving the first draft of your edited resume to request any changes to it. During that time you are covered by 100% money back guarantee.

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We can also help make industry transitions easier. For example, if your resume is tailored to a specific industry such as manufacturing, but you are transitioning into the food industry, it will need changing. Your resume may have specific details and information that looks favorable in the manufacturing industry but has no relevance to the food industry. This is where resume editing services come into their own – our team of writing and editing professionals will identify areas for improvement and ensure that your resume is suitable for the industry you are applying for a job in. Aside from transitions for the industry, our professional resume editing services are also personal to you. We don’t use any templates or pre-written material – everything is created from scratch using personal details we discuss with you beforehand. Our dedicated editors will contact you after having read your initial questionnaire answers. They will interview you and ask a range of question so that they can gain a clear understanding of your personality, traits, goals, and dreams. All of the information they have gathered will then be used to create an outstanding resume, cover letter or even a thank you note that you can benefit from.
When applying for a new job, you will undoubtedly have to deal with several different situations – you may apply for a job through Linkedin. When sending that initial application and your CV, you will have to include a cover letter. After that, you may wish to send a thank you letter, thanking the company for giving you an opportunity. Finally, you may have to send a follow-up letter to prompt the employer to react or to check on the application process. Guess what? We can edit resume to suit, and we can also offer the following: cover letters, thank-you letters, follow-up letters, and Linkedin profile creation. For each additional document you purchase, you benefit from a $10.00 discount each time up to a total $40.00 discount. If you purchase all of our professional CV services or use a tailored cover letter service personal to you.
Why indeed? Why not use another Linkedin profile writer or resume editing service? Let us explain. Our editors go through a rigorous testing process, so that you can be sure of their quality. They have to submit examples of their work beforehand and also take a series of tests. We carefully assess their quality and ensure that we only hire resume writers who have a proven track record. Furthermore, we continually monitor our experts and check on feedback from our valued customers. If we see any problems, we will address them immediately – our specialists are accountable. You can see a selection of our editors in the section below – simply click on a “view profile” link. You will then be presented with additional info about this writer including biography, and valid customer feedback. As you can see, our rewriters come from a variety of backgrounds and specialize in many different industries and professions.
Hopefully, you should have a clearer idea of what you can expect from our resume edit service. But how does the process work? First, you must complete a questionnaire – this is used to gain insight into your personality, strengths, and skills, etc. Next, you will have a short interview with one of our editors. We do this so that the expert can help write your resume and then upload and edit as they see fit. Finally, your first draft will be submitted, and you have 4 days to review the content and request any changes. After that, the process is complete!
Many people will simply relist their job duties and accomplishments on their resume! Did you know that writing a successful doc requires more strategy? When you’ve spent days writing and sending it off and hearing nothing, it is frustrating and discouraging. With hundreds of applications for popular positions, your request could just have been lost in a pile. So you might be asking yourself : “What can help me with my piece and make sure it doesn’t get tossed aside?” We’ve prepared a checklist to make sure you’re not making obvious mistakes that could be holding you back.
If you are a professional who already has a great resume, but it needs some updating or industry targeting, then this service would be what you are looking for. When you are moving from one industry to another or looking to get a promotion and need to display why you are qualified for a new job, how and what information you put on your presentation is important.
Skillful resume editor will go through the specifics of your job and talk about situations with you that will really show the impact you have made during your past and current job. Our writers also know how to word the information to make it sound great! Professional resume editing will provide you with a more detailed and concise resume that your competitors will not have, which will tell employers firsthand what you are able to achieve before they even call you!