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Are you a student looking for a job without having much professional experience? Then you probably wonder how to pimp my resume. CraftResumes selected some of the recommendations for those who are about to begin their career path. Upgrade your CV today and receive a job offer tomorrow!

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How can I pimp out my resume?

Most of the students think that not having a job in the past may prevent them from getting one in the future. What a vicious cycle! CraftResumes.com is a service designed for improving any kind of resume or CV – even the ones with no professional experience mentioned. Let’s see some of the general recommendations kindly provided by the experts – they do want you to get a dream job today!

If you don’t want to provide your potential employer with the wrong documents, better check the exact name of the paper they want you to attach. CV is regularly confused with other kinds of a portfolio, which might not be the best way to pimp my resume. Remember that CV (curriculum vitae) includes your bio, full list of hard and soft skills, all kinds of education you ever received, and all the jobs you did. Instead, the resume will demonstrate just those parts of your experience that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

The candidates who just begin their career path usually skip this trivial recommendation. They might want to impress their potential employer with a creative portfolio; in most of the cases, it actually happens vice versa. Try using some of the universal templates offered by CraftResumes, which has already proven their reliability!

Another strategy to write my resume is using the appropriate wording. Even though you think that your profile description should include mainly nouns, action verbs may carry a stronger psychological meaning for your reader. Check the six group of the words below and match some of them to your experience to pimp out my resume.

Coming up with an impressive CV from scratch might lead you to fail your first steps in the labor market. Luckily, some of the writing services provide free resume evaluation. Either you’d like to pimp my resume cover letter, CraftResumes experts can assist you with any issue addressed. Apart from getting professional guidance, they can also check my resume and highlight all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.


Absolutely! Make sure you tailor your resume or CV before sending it to any company. All of your documents should fit the listed requirements. By upgrading your profile regularly, you have fewer chances to miss something essential from your bio.

In most of the companies, specialists like recruiters or hiring managers do the screening before inviting a candidate to the live interview. Even though they might not have the same hard skills as you do, they for sure know the golden resume standards!

If you are a student, combining a full-time job with your studies seems impossible. However, many other activities can be counted as “professional experience” you can mention in your resume or CV. Volunteering, tutoring, internships, temporary assistance on any project, membership in any professional group or association, and even focus groups – all of these stress out your genuine interest and involvement in the niche you’d like to pursue a career in.