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Securing the first job is tough and writing the perfect resume isn't an easy feat. If you have no experience or if you have loads putting it into words can take a long time and hours wading over your previous work, writing, and re-writing. With our student resume writing services, we can quickly and easily turn around one for any kind of job. All we need is your name and anything you think is relevant for the job you are applying for, we'll do the rest.

Resume Help for High School Students

It can feel a bit futile trying to write a resume when you have no experience and are hoping to get some. But no experience isn’t a reason to stress. Life experience is just as important and can be related back to the working world. It’s normal for high school students to take part in extracurricular activities, like sport or drama and singing. Taking part in sports or anything else a school offers showcases a lot of transferable skills, like working in a team, organisation, confidence, and dedication. All key skills in the working world. Whatever experience you have we utilise this and write a student resume that will give employer confidence you are right for the job. If you aren’t a big fan of extracurriculars that’s no problem, we will research the company you are hoping to work for and can help you put together the reasons why you want to work there. A company appreciates the enthusiasm, and we always make sure this comes across in our work.

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Resume Help for College Students

Funding a college lifestyle can be expensive and finding the time to put together a CV can feel impossible. Our team can draft your college resume to showcase your best qualities, experiences and any previous work you have done. We have a variety of templates available, all are designed to look neat, efficient and attractive for your potential new boss. If you are hoping to secure a summer internship, we have experts in the field that can put together a CV. We can draft internship resumes for all fields including science, business, textiles, economics. Our team knows how important internships are for your future career, so they make sure that all your great qualities and abilities shine through in it. We can also offer you a professional service to help you with your assignments and research papers.

Have Your Resume But Need an Update

We also offer an edit my resume service. We review yours and add, or edit it to make sure that what you are submitting showcases the best version of you. It’s a super quick service and ideal if you want a trusted, experienced and professional opinion.

Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out

LinkedIn is an increasingly popular job networking site, and it’s a chance for you to showcase your talents and skills to a massive pool of potential employers in exciting fields. Essentially it’s your own personal brand and is open for public viewing. How you present yourself on it is important because a lot of future employers Google search a candidate before they hire them. An excellent LinkedIn is a chance to stand out from the crowd. We can help you create the perfect profile. We can draft all elements of your LinkedIn in key bullet points so it’s easy for an employer to easily see what you can offer their company. Any experience you have is valuable and highlighting all you can do on your LinkedIn is one of the most important steps in finding a job. Don’t worry if you feel like your CV isn’t quite there. Using our trusted LinkedIn resume writer online saves you time, and will give you confidence in knowing you sent the best CV you could to a potential employer. We’ve been building a solid team of writers over the years, and our services continue to grow. We love what we do and creating student resumes that stand out from the crowd has always been our passion. Our writers have worked for recruitment companies or in managerial roles so know exactly what it takes to get over the hurdle and into the interview stage. Resumes need to be clear and concise, and we’ve mastered this skill. Using resume building services is the best way to secure that dream job you’ve always wanted.

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