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We know how tough it can be sometimes for veterans to adjust to civilian life. Get help from our resume service for veterans.

Services we offer

Our veteran resume writers offer the following services in order to help veterans get on their feet once they leave the military:


Here we will describe all of the experience you have relevant to the position you are after

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Cover letter

We will write for you a cover letter that introduces you to your future employer and highlights your soft skills

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Used to highlight your academic qualifications. If you are a retiring officer who has attended staff or war college, and you want to have an academic career, consider getting this document.

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Linkedin profile

We can also build you a LinkedIn Profile that will make you visible to headhunters scouring the internet for talent

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You’ve got your DD-214; you’re home free!

That magical day you’ve been dreaming of has come.

No more WESTPACs, no more Afghanistan; no more having to rescue PFC Smith after being arrested for his sixth DUI.

Now all you have to do is find a job on civilian street.

Now all you have to do is find a job on civilian street. You send in military resumes, you go to interviews, and they all say, “Thank you for your online resume service, but you’re not the right fit for us.” If you’re encountering these roadblocks, you need professional veteran resume help.

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Veteran Resume Tips From Our Writers

Make sure that all of the information on your DD-214 is correct (discharge characterization, reenlistment code, certs, quals, schools, etc.)

Get copies of your service and medical records

Apply for terminal leave. Take all the leave days you’ve got.

Make sure you understand all of your GI benefits, especially the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Have a plan for civilian life, especially if you don’t want to re-enlist.


Should I take advantage of my GI benefits?
Certainly. The best benefit there is is the Post 9/11 GI Bill. While you are studying at a community college or university, you will get BAH and a stipend for textbooks. You won’t graduate with debt, and you won’t have to work. You can also use the Post 9/11 for trade schools, police academy, and fire academy.
Can I get my military resume revised after you have delivered it?
Yes, you will have three days to provide feedback and request revisions. We know how specialists like you are demanding, so we’ll do our best to save your time and efforts.
Why is it so hard for veterans to find jobs?
Hiring managers have a lot of negative stereotypes about veterans. For instance: ‘all veterans have PTSD and are ticking time-bombs.’ Others also believe that after they hire a veteran, their new employee could be stop-lossed or sent to active duty if they are in the National Guard or reserves.
Congratulations. You’re a veteran!
It sounds cliche, but we would like to take the time to thank you for your service. Being in the military is tough. We know because some of our employees are veterans, too. They’ve made the successful transition to civilian life, just as you are now. It can be a rocky, windy road, but others have tread there before you. Enjoy civvy street and freedom!

How It Works

The military can’t be beat for promoting discipline, organization, and initiative in its recruits, not to mention complex technical skills. But in today’s cut throat job market, even seasoned veterans can feel frustrated translating their experience into the buzzwords hiring managers expect.

Investing in a professionally written veteran resume is the number-one way to increase the quantity and quality of positions you are qualified for, interviewed for and most importantly – hired for.

Your experience is unique, and a cookie-cutter approach resume won’t work. Craftresume works with professional military resume writers specializing in sectors such as nursing, academia, law, and yes, military, who know how to highlight the transferable skills employers look for hidden in your military history.

Our  writers have years of practice promoting veterans while knowing the language needed to attract employers’ attention. Don’t just take our word for it – see our samples and hear from our satisfied clients.

Military to Civilian Resume Writing

Our resume writers specialized in military experience will discuss your requirements and career goals before delivering

Translate your military experience into job skills

Let your leadership skills, organization, and technical expertise speak for you – in language hiring managers understand

Double your call-backs

Invest in your future – a professional veteran resume dramatically increases your call backs

Get your new military resume in 1 day

Start applying tomorrow –we guarantee fast and professional resume writing service

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