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Getting a job with the Federal Government is an excellent opportunity to advance your career. Working for the government will provide professional development, benefits, and an excellent salary. However, for Federal Government job postings there can be hundreds of applications. Getting to the top of the resume pile is easy if you have a properly crafted resume. Get help from professional federal resume writers on CraftResumes.

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Federal Resume Service Q & A

What makes a resume for the federal government different from other resumes?
Professional resume for the federal government gobs is often more detailed and can range from 2 to 5 pages. While most federal resumes should not be more than 2 pages, and often only require the most prevalent details of your work history. A resume for a position in the Federal Government requires more details of your history, as the jobs can often be more complex.
How our federal resume writers can help you prepare for a Federal Government application?
CraftResumes can help you prepare for a Federal Government application through careful preparation and consultation with one of our knowledgeable and certified professional resume writers. We have federal resume writing service which have proven success with such type of documents. We know what information is needed and what recruiters are looking for. We will be able to write your accomplishments and past work in a manner that is through, shows achievement and a strong work ethic. We have federal resume writers who have a strong understanding of various industries, who will be able to help writing your resume noticed by the Federal Government. Your resume will meet the full requirements of the Federal Government job application process, through demonstration of your knowledge, skills and abilities.
So you know what job you want to have, but do you know what attributes are needed to be successful?
When moving into a new position, or even progressing in your current position, the best way to be at the forefront of the crowd is to have a solid understanding of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) that are required to be successful. To remain competitive in the workforce it is essential that you have a grasp of what Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities are necessary for your industry. If you know what the KSA’s are, you can be more prepared to explain the KSA’s to a potential employer. Having a list of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) for your career is also a learning and professional development experience. In many cases professionals are looking for ways to increase their knowledge and be a better candidate, the KSA will provide you with this opportunity to strategically plan your next career move.
What is the KSA, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities?
The KSA is a tool that can help you determine how well you match up with a job you are interested in. The KSA is commonly used for Federal jobs in the United States, but it is also useful for non-federal positions. It is a list of various industry and position attributes of the ideal candidate.
How can I use the KSA to advance my career?
  • Understand the skills necessary to be successful in your line of work, you will be able to determine what you need to work on or the next stage of your professional development plan.
  • You will have better interviews. The KSA will allow you to understand the industry requirements which will enable you to determine how to best explain your answer with more detail to the interviewer.
How does federal resume writing services help me with KSA, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities?
Upon request, we will send you a list of the KSA’s for your career. Federal job resume writer can help you select the best report based on your unique requirements.

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