Truck Driver Cover Letter Tips & Samples

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When applying for a truck driver job a potential employer will be interested in the type of licence you have, the distances you have covered, your knowledge and ability to plan travel routes, driving record and years of experience. It is important to highlight these in your cover letter to keep them engaged and show you are competent for the task at hand.

Always keep a cover letter to one page, and as concise as possible, but still highlight all key skills and any achievements you have. A clean driving record is a big advantage in the industry, but be sure to mention this, if you have one.

The below sample is an excellent cover letter for driving job guide.

Truck Driver Cover Letter sample

America’s drivers’ jobs list is also an excellent resource for driver jobs all throughout America, if you’re on the hunt but not sure where to start.

Cover Letter for Driving Job With no Experience

If you don’t have experience on the road but are applying for your first truck driving job, don’t worry. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start your cover letter with why you want to work for the company you are applying for. Then Talk discuss the CDLlience you have obtained and the work that was involved in getting this. So, studying for the lience, the hours behind the wheel when learning, your knowledge of GPS systems and road routes. Basically, anything to show your interest in the advertised role. Example of cover letter for driving job:

cover letter for driving job With no Experience

The above truck driver cover letter no experience sample shows that at entry level you are eager and have the right skills and experience to get started. Go into as much detail as possible about what exactly you learned during your time obtaining your CDL and the different highway laws you, any other relevant experience. The above talks about loading and unloading a truck, which can play an extremely important role in a lot of truck driving jobs. Also, if you have gained experience in lorry repairs and have basic knowledge of this it should be highlighted in your cover letter. This is an exceptionally important skill to have and shows a potential employer that you will know what to do if a situation arises where you need to work on your lorry so we can provide expert cover letter writers for hire.

CDL truck driver letter samples should also include the specific CDL licence and what was involved in the licencing process.

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