Resume Builders vs. Traditional Resume writing

Recruiters’ attitudes vary extensively, depending on the industry. A candidate applying for a job requiring creativity, such as an interior design firm may have it easy landing an interview using an online generated resume, as they come in various attractive templates from which to choose. Other recruiters, however, are more comfortable going through a resume that has been written from scratch. A basic background research will help a potential candidate to land the dream job they are seeking.

Pros and Cons of Free Online Resume Makers

Pros and Cons of Free Online Resume Makers

Not all free resume makers are equivalent. They all have diverse advantages and disadvantages. While the greater part of them will take care of business it’s much easier to use a few. Others may have choices that a man truly needs keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that they can get their resume set up precisely the way that they need it. It is helpful to observe various types of free online resume maker before settling on the choice of which one to use.

Craft An Effective Federal Government Resume With These Tips

Applying for federal government positions is not easy. It can also be a rather tedious process. However, fortunately there are many useful resources that can assist you with creating a resume for such positions.
In this article, we will have a look at a few tips that can help you to highlight your strengths. They will also help you to stand out from others who are applying for federal government positions.

How to Differentiate Amateur from Professional writer

How to Differentiate Amateur from Professional Resume writer

One of the most important deciding factors in whether you get a job or not is your resume. Its quality makes all the difference when edging closer to your dream career irrespective of your experience. In most instances, job seekers prefer to craft their own resumes without the help of professional resume writer. They simply research sample resumes from the internet. But how can you know identify a professional resume service? What is a professional resume writing service? Here is how to differentiate amateur from a professional writer.

How federal resume differs from standard resumes for civilian positions

How federal resume differs from standard resumes

Sometimes a job seeker needs to write a different resume when seeking a new position. The need for a new resume is not necessarily because the applicant acquired some additional qualifications. Many people do not like going to school that often. A new resume is dictated by the type of job the applicant is applying for.

Reasons to quantify your accomplishments for employers

Reasons to quantify your accomplishments for employers

There are several reasons why it is essential to quantify one’s accomplishments. For example for a Public Manager, measuring his performance and checking accomplishments, it will help his superiors and the firm in general understand his capabilities and level of competency. In addition, doing so will help his employers in several areas such as overall control, budget, promotion and even help the firm learn more about their activities.

Reboot Your Resume This New Year

Change is the only constant thing.” Like every other thing, your CV also needs a change to keep abreast of what an employer is looking for in the ‘New Year’. Therefore, if you still stick to your obsolete style of CV writing, you are far behind the competition in today’s job market. To make your CV stand out in the pile of thousands of resumes an employer receives for a single job opening, here are the strategies to reboot your CV for the best results.