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The 5 Undeniable Limitations of Using Online Resume Builders

Jan 25 2017

In today’s age of cut-throat competition, a professionally-crafted, error-free resume is your sole weapon to beat your rivals into getting that coveted job you always desired. However, professional resume writing can be a tedious task. If you have just finished college, and are looking to launch your career, you must be at a loss to say more than just listing your qualification. And if you have been working for a long time now, you must be facing the dilemma of compressing your entire career in a single page or two. Now, that is exactly where an online resume builder can help. However, everything is not hunky dory with these programs, as they come with their own share of flaws.

Here we shall explore the 5 main limitations of online resume builders.

#1 Limited Flexibility

The major limitation of online resume builders is that is they work purely online, and lack the functionality to enable the user to save a copy of their resume in other word processing software like Microsoft Word. Often, you have limited options of modifying the resume; most of the time you can just print out whatever you have updated online. This makes it a tad difficult for people who wish to apply for several different positions at the same time, or if they intend to alter their resume to fit the requirements of different positions that they’re applying for. Some resume builders provide your resume in a PDF format, which again limits you from updating it further.

#2 Restricted Choice of Spelling & Grammar

Your resume doesn’t just reflect your passion for the job, but also speaks oodles about your professional capabilities. Speaking of professional capabilities, the one skill that appeals to every employer is perfectionism. Needless to say, perfectionism, like efficiency is a desirable skill in every prospective employee, and nothing proves perfectionism more than a “next to perfect” resume. In addition to highlighting your credentials elaborately, you also need to make sure to use proper spelling and grammar. Not just that, whenever you are applying for a position in America, you need to use American spelling plus grammar. Likewise, if you are applying to a company based in New Zealand, you will have to use Australian English while writing your resume. This flexibility of language choice is not available with an online resume builder. Often, you are restricted to using U.S/U.K English, and in case you end up applying for a company based outside of U.S, this would come across as a poor attempt to your potential employer.

#3 Restricted Choice of Formats

Another limitation with resume builders is that they mostly offer a limited choice of formats. Predesigned statements and boring, cookie-cutter templates lower the authenticity of your resume considerably. Most online resume builders tend to stick to the basics, such as providing templates and a place for online resume editing and display, and allowing employers to contact you via a personal resume address. Ideally, this is good enough for people who are hard-pressed for time, and applying for a number of positions simultaneously. But suppose you are a graphic designer or a TV newscaster with an impeccable portfolio. Obviously, you would need to represent your resume in a visual manner. And for this purpose, you may need to use your online resume information for a different purpose, like professional networking, rather than routine job searching.

Your prospective employer’s email/ desk will be stacked with piles of curriculum vitae from interested candidates, and thus, your resume will get no more than 20 seconds of evaluation time. Within that limited time frame, you will have to capture your potential employer’s attention and entice them into reading the entire resume. That is exactly why it is mandatory to show personality and creativity while carving out a resume, because these are what you need to fit into any profession, and any company. Now, the problem with online resume builders is that they mete out canned statements, and artificial templates that come across as too generalized and dull. And, if you are aspiring to build you career in a company or profession that practically thrives on creativity, say fashion, or event management, a resume builder is probably the last thing you would want to bank on.

#4 Restricted Usage

Sometimes, the license for using an online resume builder is only valid for a single person, and sometimes, a single resume, meaning if you have shelled out a decent sum of money to use the builder, you may not be permitted to use it for another family member or friend, or more than once for yourself. Moreover, free usage is not always free, and sometimes you may be required to pay a free before printing or saving your resume. Many a time, free usage is limited to a 21 or 30-day trial. This limitation of use is a big disadvantage for people who are applying for jobs on a tight budget.

#5 Limited Protection

There are various security concerns of updating your personal details online. There is a huge chance of being bombarded with spam upon providing your personal email address in resume builders. Statistics show that online resumes are easy bait for identity thieves and those who are seeking to do all kinds of harm. While many resume builders do give you the option to create an exclusive email account for further use with your online resumes, the security risk is still very much present.

Ending Note…

While there are a few limitations of online resume builders, they are not all that bad- in fact, they are a boon ti newbie graduates and job-seekers who are completely stalled in their attempts to create an error-free, professionally-crafted resume. However, the truth is that they must be used in moderation. An online resume is a good place to start, though it should never be your end product. Instead, it’s always better to take a template and modify it with a personal touch to craft a final product that is creative, interesting, and a true reflection of your personality. Needless to say, a resume like this is sure to capture the attention of any employer, and play a pivotal role in shaping your career in the long run.