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The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Put Your Address on Your Resume

Dec 09 2016

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Put Your Address on Your Resume
If you’re going to rely on the standard templates used for writing a professional resume, you’d see that a home address should be written at the top. However, have you ever thought that it could be one of the reasons why you’re having a hard time landing the job that you’ve always wanted? Believe it or not, your address could possibly have an impact on whether you’re going to get hired or not.

And here’s why you shouldn’t put your address on your resume:

  • It Reveals Your Commute Time

Obviously, an employer would take into consideration the commute time of the employee they’re going to hire.

Employers and recruiters want to avoid the trouble of hiring an employee who lives far away from work, because this doesn’t only cause stress to the employee, but to his employer as well– in a sense that he’d be less productive at work. Likewise, it also increases the chances of an employee quitting the job. This can be a two-edged sword; not only will you be losing a job, but this also gives the company a bad image because they have to fire you and look for a replacement. This results in more work, and a waste of time and money for them.

Furthermore, if the job you’re eying on is in a different city, it’s also ideal that you imply on your CV that you wouldn’t mind commuting long distances if you have to. It would be better if you’d state that if you’re going to get hired, you’d also be willing to relocate if needed. This would increase the chances of getting hired, as you’re clearly indicating to your employer that you’re really serious and want to get the position.

  • You “Could” Be a Victim of Identity Theft

Although this doesn’t happen very often, there are cases that you can put yourself in a position of getting your credentials stolen just because you have indicated your home address in your CV.

There are fake recruitment agencies that post job openings as a way to gain information about candidates, and if you become a victim of them, then you’d be in trouble. So, it’s always safe to just omit your address in your resume instead.

  • Is There a Right Time to Put Your Address on a Resume?

If you really feel that you have to put your address on a resume, make sure that it’s near, or even in the same city where the office is located.

This would give the recruiters or the employer enough information to know that you’re a local and that you won’t have a hard time going to and from your work place.

Final Words

Although it has been customary to include an address on a resume, it would be better to not include this at all. Don’t worry, this won’t send off alarm bells for most employers, but could even have a positive result.

Just keep in mind that most employers are more interested in knowing your skills than where you live. As long as you’re going to be fully committed in your future job, where you live or where your address is won’t never be an issue to them.