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Simplify the Recruitment Process

Jan 27 2016

Recruiting is a tricky process that requires patience and an “I can do” attitude, because you need to know what the company needs, not only what the company wants. Moreover you need to know if the candidate is the right fit, not only educational speaking but willing.

The simple first step to find the right candidate is to know if he or she wants to do the job. If the person wants to work there and has all the will, then the rest is just paperwork waiting. A person can have all the ‘best’ educational background but the will is the most powerful asset (proved fact), this doesn’t mean that you won’t take in consideration their education, but that you will emphasize in their own personal development as a professional. If a person has been working just to have a salary, and then maybe is what the company needs; but most of the time, the company may need a person that will improve the company’s quality. Don’t be afraid to ask to the company what kind of person do they really need. And ask candidates those real fact questions too.

I remember in my early days, one interview I had where the recruiter asked me if I was looking for a 8am-4pm job or if I was looking for a dynamic to grow; I was honest and answer that I was looking to work in a company that I could grow within time, then they didn’t give me that job, but three months later they called me for a higher position where my job was to check on the management quality, you can imagine the responsibility and great salary, not to mention the amazing experience I got those two years. They trained me and gave the opportunity to continue studying, I can’t be grateful enough!

Sometimes you can choose which companies to work for as a recruiter; if this is the case I would advise you to make a little research on the company to see if their employees are well treated and happy. I tell you this, because you are the face people will remember when getting hired in that specific company and lets imagine the place is more like a slavery camp (cause believe it or not, some companies have that suppressive behavior nowadays-still), you don’t want to be the person who is putting good trustable people inside that kind of mess. If you can’t choose, is also good to be honest with people when being asked what kind of company it is. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying that you will throw under the bus such company name, but you can be professional, and trust me, some people enjoy living in hell, therefore, you will always find the right match!

When recruiting the right personnel for your company, there are a few things you need to consider it, here is a simple check list:

A. What kind of educational background does the company want? Extend the Studies into a department instead of a specific Bachelor Diploma. E.g. If the company needs someone into accountings, then you can give the chance not only to the ones that studied accounting, but also the engineers. You never know, you may find a person that studied the wrong thing with a vocation for accountings.

B. What kind of experience background does the company want? Here again, is what they want the same as what they need? If the company wants a person with ten years of experience… let’s be honest, a person that is free to work and has that much of experience… is either because the company where they were working shot down or because the person didn’t want to continue in that department. Either way, a person with some experience and willing to work has more results that a person that is tired of doing the same thing for a decade. Now, is important to be open because that person may exist and they might enjoy doing that job. But keep it cool.

C. Does the company need an independent minded or not? This is very important to know and to be clear honest with the candidates as I mentioned before. If the company needs a humanoid without personal opinion, then is okay. You will find that kind of person that won’t put a thought into their job, and will go to work just to have a salary, isn’t a bad thing, but they just won’t bother and they have their own reasons. But some companies will want/need more than that. And there is where honesty comes in play. You don’t want frustrated people around you, because they might want to do more.

Looking for the right couch is always important. Never underestimate how much you need yet to learn!