Why Create An Online Portfolio?

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Have you ever considered creating an online portfolio? An online portfolio is not only important but is becoming increasingly popular. They not only used for businesses, but also for individuals. Such portfolios are worth creating because they allow you to show future employers what you are all about, and what kind of businesses you would like to be employed in. In this article, we will have a look at five reasons why you should create an online portfolio.

5 reasons why you are not called for job interview

First Impressions: Making Your College Or Job Interview Count

Getting called into a job interview can be challenging, especially when your insecure about your qualifications, like many of us are. Adding to the frustration is the fact that we might have other things getting in the way of working full time, such has studying. Not all employers want to hire students. However, there are a few things you should not do, which will increase your chances of getting called into a job interview if you steer away from them. So here we go, the top five reasons why you are not called in to job interviews.

How to Present a Professional Image

Professional Image

A key aspect to consider during a job search, in regards to your personal branding, is how you dress for both job interviews and once you begin working a position. Research has proven that people instinctively form conclusions and opinions of others, based on their visual appearance and nonverbal cues alone. In an interview or professional setting this is something to be mindful of to optimize your personal success.

How to Cut out the HR Middle Man

How to Cut out the HR Middle Man

The Internet has certainly made life and work easier for job seekers and HR companies. You no longer have to pound the pavement submitting your resume door- to- door or send them via regular mail which would take time to get to the Hiring Manager’s desk. courtesy of D.Ratushny unsplash.com Today you can take advantage of social media and online job communities to help you find a job. All you need to do is sign up for these services, open an online profile and wait. Within a few weeks, you …

The Perils of Traditional Interview Questions and Ways to Deal with them

The Perils of Traditional Interview Questions and Ways to Deal with them

As jobseekers, we have always been at the giving end. It is always us to be answering some of the terrible traditional HR questions. Yes, some modern hiring managers may ask the interviewee, “So, do you have any questions for me?” And that sounds as if, it is better if you don’t. Sometimes, an interviewee too is either not confident or is reluctant to ask anything. In such cases, these hiring managers are just lucky.

Leadership, Innovation and Big Thinking: Highlighting Your Soft Skills to Recruiters

Writing a professional resume is something that most of us dread, but something we all eventually have to do. You may understand that you need to highlight your “hard skills,” which are the credentials and technical skills which you’ve acquired through education, but what about “soft skills?” In this informal categorization system, soft skills are the things that make you, you. They are the positive attributes you possess which could be seen as potentially beneficial to your job performance and, therefore, the company. Remember: an employer is looking for the …

How To Find A Job In Chicago?

How To Find A Job In Chicago?

Courtesy of “Jesse Collins” from unsplash.com Introduction Let us begin with the obvious fact; the city of Chicago teems with employment opportunities but just like any modern city of its stature, finding these jobs will always prove the hardest part. In case you are fresh from college, have all the necessary documents and are wondering how to secure these lucrative positions, this article offers an in depth analysis into the Chicago job market with a view to helping all the job seekers overcome this great bottleneck in their career paths. …