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How to edit your resume to fit in 2017

Feb 14 2017

With every new year, there will always be things that will change. If you are looking for a job, you should be aware that Resume trends are changing very quickly. This means it can be difficult to work out what will make you stand out. All resume’s need to be both clean and modern. The use of descriptive storytelling will certainly help you to get an interview. Know that the competition for employment will be stiff. When you apply for jobs, your resume must capture the attention of employers. If you are not sure how to go about doing this, then please read on.
How to edit your resume to fit in 2017
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Use A Professional Resume Service

A professional resume service will make sure that you as a person will stand out to future employers. It is not just about the resume itself. Hire a professional resume writer and they will be able to write your resume in a powerful and clever way. They also know what employers want to see in a resume. A resume writing service will understand what the process of looking for work is all about. Certified resume writers can sit back and look at your strengths and present you in the best way possible. Their aim is to present you at your very best. The best resume writing service will know what your overall objective is. They will be able to express this in writing on your resume for you.

Make The Most Of A Resume Editor

If you cannot afford to hire a professional CV writer, there are plenty of resume editor services you can use for free. A resume editing service will allow you to edit your resume for free. Not only can you create a resume through a resume edit service, but you can also share and edit it on them too. Why hire a professional resume writer when you can do this yourself for nothing. A resume editor will be able to give you plenty of ideas about how to edit your resume to fit in with 2017.

How To Edit Your Resume To Fit In With 2017

Editing your resume to fit in with 2017 is important if you want employers to notice you. It only takes them a few seconds to work out whether or not your resume is worth another look. Here are a few things to remember when editing your resume for 2017:

Show Employers What You Have Done

Avoid listing duties of past work experience. Instead, simply highlight your accomplishments in those roles. Perhaps you were successful in finishing a major project. Or successfully finished a major sale. If so, state these accomplishments.

Use Words Employers Will Love

Rather than use cliches or other boring language, replace these with words that employers will love. For example, action words. Action words could include: improved, managed, achieved, mentored and so on.

Forget The Objective

Objectives are now a thing of the past. Objectives with too many words, or are not informative enough are better off being used to describe your skills and experience. If it must be there, make sure it focuses on what you can do.

Use The Correct Format

Have a look at the format of your resume. Is it a functional one? Or is it a chronological one? If it is a functional one then this has to change. Always focus more on your work experience rather than your skills. Be aware that employers can see straight past this. It will give them warning bells.

Change The File Name

What is the current file name for your resume? The file name should always include your name. Such as your first and last name then the word resume after it. This will make things much easier for employers who want to keep note of their applicant’s resumes. Not only that but your resume will not get lost easily.

In this article, we have seen that resumes must be kept clean and modern. Descriptive story telling should be used if you wish to get an interview. We have also looked at what a professional resume service can do for you. If you cannot afford this, then making the most of a free resume editor is worth considering. Finally, we have discussed a few ways on how you can edit your resume to fit in with 2017. Please consider making these changes to your resume today. We wish you every success in getting the job you are after.