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What is resignation letter

Feb 24 2017

Well, you should expect a lot of explanation from different schools of thoughts,however, from my own understanding, it is a letter addressed to your employer indicating your intention to terminate your current employment. The importance of resignation letter requires some good thinking before you start resume writing. The main idea behind the resignation letter is to retain the well being and good feelings towards your former employer. The best part of this is that even though you are writing the resignation letter your opportunities of finding some great work are still open and you should treat both yourself and the employer with respect and courtesy.

What is resignation letter
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Guidelines for wiring a flaw free resignation letter to show a good intention.

The resignation should be drafted carefully. Take your time to write these components each with care and consideration. The four elements that can make up the resignation letter include:

  • Announcement of resignation,
  • A brief reason of resignation,
  • Statement of appreciation
  • Further assistance intention

The letter should sound more confident of the decision you made and the consideration that you might have considered. It should not be seen as the way out to avoid the termination. The announcement of the resignation is the first thing you should include in the letter; this is a quick approach to give a clear intent of future course of action too. That said, the letter should always be written after due consideration and if there is still a chance of working in the same office and there is no good opportunity in view, just keep the idea of resigning in your mind not on the paper to be on the safe side.

The reason for resignation should be clearly given, this need not include the names of the future job prospects in full just a brief idea that this was a good enough reason for you to leave. Not always but there are some situations where you might have to leave the job in some unpleasant circumstances. This, however, does not mean that you should part in bad terms also. Whatever the reason might be the formal courtesy should be maintained, this is not only for the sake of some previous pleasant experience but also a good practice that will help you in obtaining a good reference and work experience letter too.

Another vital part of the resignation letter that most people tend to overlook is the inclusion of the resume. Many people assume that employers are only interested in their resume only when they want to hire them which is untrue. You need to attach a neatly written resume for the employer to go through and see what the company has contributed to your career development and also what they might miss from you. You should note that a resume gives a brief description about you, and that is what the employer wants, not just long story in your resignation letter trying to justify your act. A resume can also serve as a point of reference in the future should there be a reason to.

In conclusion, the intention being willing to provide assistance in future is a formal offer that should always be included too, the reason here is that the employer should be given the proper time to hand over. There should be adequate time for them to find the suitable replacement. These little courtesies should keep a good communication and respect.