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Cover Letter

Basic Job Skills to Include In a Cover Letter

Aug 10 2017

With the current economic environment, landing a job is not easy. The job market has become very competitive. Almost everyone today has a degree certificate. Additionally, the number of people who hold a masters certificate continues to increase exponentially. It is common to find yourself applying for the same position with someone with several academic credentials. Therefore, you need to know how to design your application documents, in order to catch the eye of the recruiting officer.


What Should You Include in Cover Letter?

A cover letter is the first document that the recruiting officer uses to assess your skills and expertise. Therefore, it should be professionally done, to increase your chances of being invited for the interview. It is a question of standing out from the other applicants and demonstrating to the hiring manager that you are fully proficient for the job, even before you are invited for the interview. So, what should you include?

Basic Skills

Your cover letter should demonstrate your basic skills. Basic skills include aspects such as writing, listening, speaking and performing arithmetic. The design of your cover letter needs to clearly show that your writing skills are top notch. This does not mean that you have to be a professional editor while applying for an engineering job. No. You only have to demonstrate that you can communicate your thoughts clearly and concisely.

Your organizational skills will also be evident in the cover letter. The way you present your cover letter speaks volumes of your organizational skills. Therefore, take your time to understand the job description and apply using easy to understand and clear language. If you face difficulties, you can always enlist the services of a professional resume writer.

People Skills

People skills allow you to mesh well with others, without friction or constant misunderstanding. Every manager wants a team player. Therefore, in your cover letter, ensure that the following are clearly listed.

Social skills: Respect for others feelings and only involve yourself into their affairs at the appropriate time. You also take an interest in what they say or do.

Negotiation skills: With good negotiation skills, you are able to present your arguments and facts in a mature way, while giving others a chance to state their positions. You are also able to come up with means of solving a conflict using reasonable compromises

Cultural diversity: Today’s workplace is culturally diverse. Therefore, you need to demonstrate that you can comfortably work with people from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds.

Thinking Skills

Thinking skills refer to your creative side. It is the ability to solve problems, make decisions and stand by them, visualize scenarios and know how to reason properly. Thinking skills include creative thinking, decision making, problem-solving, reasoning, visualizing and knowing how to learn.

Personal Attributes & Qualities

These are also classified as skills. Personal attributes include aspects like responsibility, sociability, self-esteem, and self-management. They all play a huge role towards building your character.

Bottom Line

If you use the above skills in your cover letter, you greatly increase your chances of landing an interview which might lead to the job of your dreams. If you are still unsure where and how to include these skills, just hire a resume editing service and you will have a professional cover letter.