Expert Career Coaching Advice to Find Your Career Passion

Dec 23 2019

In today’s workplace, the distance between professional satisfaction and burnout seems to have been decreased tremendously, causing a lot of distress for both employees and companies they are working for. With WHO including burn-out into its “occupational phenomenon” list, the corporations started addressing this issue with reconsidering their working environment and hiring professional career coaches to help their workers minimize stress while striving for professional excellence and achievements. What is the most common advice they have on how to go back on the passion track with your career?

Be Aware of Your Strengths

“It’s not only about understanding what you’re good at, but it’s also about figuring out whether your work involves what you can do best and if you can hone your skills further”, says Matt Warzel, career coach at MJWCareers. “Even though the challenges are great for any professional, if they can’t exercise their knowledge/skill set they already have, it often leads to frustration and desire to quit the job, let alone losing any passion for work. The ideal case is where your position involves 70% of the skills you have and requires 30% of those you need to learn”.

Challenge Yourself with Realistic Goals

Every job has some space for growing and getting more responsibility and greater rewards, but one has to understand their limits to avoid a self-made trap. It’s great to set the goals and moving up the career ladder, what isn’t that great is where your goals don’t quite match the reality of the promotion procedures that the company has. How to avoid being disappointed? First, learn what is the highest level in the company you personally can grow up to. If that resonates with what you’d like to achieve at the moment, then start with the strategy of how to make it happen. The following suggestions might help.

Be a Wise Yes (Wo)Man

Being initiative is far more valuable than any soft-skill because this is not something one can learn overnight and it depends a great deal on one’s character. However, there is a tricky part with the proactive people at work as they are usually get labeled as “a person who can do it so (s)he will”, which might turn you into a mule, and this is exactly the opposite of what you want. Sign up only for those projects that can add value to your being a VIP player or involves learning new skills, meeting new people, working in the new environments, etc. It’s not that you have to turn down anything else, just set the priorities and start from there.

Meet with Successful People

Professional inspiration often comes from outside after meeting with people who achieved a lot of what you want to get from your professional life and thanks to making the coaching market wide open to the public, you can attend a lot of coaching seminars, professional meetups, even happy hour small talks if we are talking the big city career scene. Social networking can give you an important drive to become better at your field, make new business contacts, get out of your comfort zone, and, most importantly, realize that if someone has achieved it already than it’s possible.

Have a Positive Attitude Towards Everything

If you don’t remember any of the points we tried to make here, remember this as it’s the most important one. The sincere positive energy and attitude towards any task and any aspect of the professional path is the biggest asset one can have to remain passionate about one’s life. Focus on positive moments rather than reiterating the negative events over and over again. Celebrate every victory that has taught you a valuable lesson rather than take it for granted and analyze the reasons of failures without self-eating. Remember: it’s OK to make mistakes, it’s not OK not to try.

Remain passionate about one’s career takes a lot of effort and hard work but what really makes it happen is one’s will and choice to let it be that way. So take your time, think over your goals, make a bit of research, find a purpose and connect with the people who have what you want, and see the transformation you’ve longed for.