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How to write a letter of recommendation

Feb 26 2017

A recommendation letter normally helps you to get the job of your dreams. You will realize that most employers are very keen on this. They would like to see whether you have had a track record in the past and so on. They would also like to see where you have worked in the past and how you carried yourself in the previous workplace. In this case, a recommendation serves a useful purpose when searching for a job. The person who is recommending you normally highlights your personal behavior, organizational behavior and also focuses on your skills. Some of this information can be obtained from the online resume writing services of the indivudual. In situations where your educational competencies are judged, this letter is written in that respect. The following are some tips on how to write this letter:

How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation
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  1. Browse different websites so as to get different methods of writing this letter.It is important that you browse different sites so that you can get informed about different methods of drafting a letter of this nature. There are so many samples that are there on the internet. You can readily choose one and use it to draft this letter. This can help you a great deal.
  2. Include the capabilities of the individual.It is important that you include information about the time from when you have known the person and his or her capabilities. You should state qualities such as leadership skills, other qualities and adaptability. It is important that you utilize a professional style of drafting a letter and also use the technical words related to the post in it.
  3. Include illustrations that best describe the qualities of the individualYou should include the illustrations which describe the qualities of the individual to the recruiter. These illustrations will make the recruiter consider hiring that individual to work in his or her company.
  4. Ensure the letter has an introduction.It is important that you ensure that this letter has an introduction. This letter should begin with an introduction section which should give the details such as your name and designation along with the requester’s name and designation.
  5. The letter should have a body.The body of the letter should actually contain the duties that were undertaken in the previous job. If the individual used to be your secretary, you can include that she used to record minutes for you in meeting and so on. It is also important that you include two to three skills which would describe the qualities of the individual. However, do not use unnecessary information or words while writing this letter.
  6. The letter should have a conclusionIt is important that you conclude the letter by describing the overall assessment of the requestor and show ability of the requestor for the applied post. You should state that the person can actually work under minimal supervision and that he or she is capable of the job that he or she is applying for.
  7. Include your contact information.In case the employer wants to do a follow-up or verify your credentials, he or she can contact you using this information. It is important that you include the correct phone number or postal address.
  8. Proofread the letter.This letter is very essential. You should proofread it after you have included all the contents. This will actually help you identify your grammar and spelling corrections and make the necessary corrections.

This letter should not be more than one page. It should clearly state the purpose of the letter. In addition, you should save a copy of the letter which can be utilized for future references. If you want to write a letter of recommendation for a certain individual, you should follow the above mentioned tips. Follow them and you will enjoy the results.