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Creative workforce transition scholarship

Dec 14 2015

Creative workforce transition scholarship

We established Creative Workforce Transition scholarship to share the best ideas about how to find the first job. We are looking for a person who can demonstrate what it takes to make a creative entering to the workforce.

Everything you need to participate is an enthusiastic attitude towards the task as well as innovative and brave vision. The most impressive ideas will be published in our blog and the winner will gain a scholarship grant of 1000$ together with a chance to get a paid 1-3 months internship with our office. In order to highlight the global scope of a ‘post-graduation syndrome’ we made with scholarship international, ie students from different countries may apply.

So what’s the point?

Graduation time is closely connected with moments of happiness and aspirations. Being a school-leaver means starting a new life. The feeling of independence is in the air, so you’re not tied to mandatory subjects, tiring preparations, tests, and marks anymore. It’s the time of big ambitions and achievements ahead. Everything sounds great despite of one thing: it’s time to make the most difficult step in your entire life.

“What’s next? Who am I and what should I do in this life?” While it’s normal being attacked with these questions, you’d be astonished to know the actual number of graduates who suffers from postgraduate depression.
Right now the workforce is more educated and competitive than ever, with entry level positions requiring at least a year of experience, you need to prove to a potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

How to use a knowledge that was already gained and show to a potential employer your capability even without work experience? Or how to best get the experience? Optionally, should you launch a world-changing startup, move abroad, try something absolutely new, repeat the way of famous successful businessmen, etc.

Show us your personal vision of an effective student transition to a successful career. We are open for any ideas you can suggest. The scholarship prize is an instrument which you are free to use in any possible occasion.

How to participate?

Send us your vision of an effective transition from student to a successful career. A scholarship submission letter shall include:

1) title: Creative workforce transition
2) entry: any format you think fit
3) enclosure: PDF copy of student enrollment document for the 2015/2016 academic year.

All entries shall be sent to: [email protected]

Entries format: essay, video (youtube), presentation, etc — we are flexible enough. Entries guidelines: essay (other written doc) length must be not more than 1000 words; video length: not more than 5 mins.

Craft Resume online service wishes you the best of luck and the most productive work. Looking forward to receiving your entries! For more details on the scholarship (including eligibility and timeline) see here.