Resume Objective for Career Change Examples

Nov 16 2019

Career change resume objective examples can give you an idea of what your resume is missing. Are you having trouble switching gears to a new field? Let your resume objective speak about your skills, qualities, achievements, and ambitions.

Are you ready for a career change and you need resume writing help to make sure the transition will be smooth? The most important thing to establish at the beginning of your new journey is where exactly you hope to be. Your new purpose translates into a career objective which should be clearly stated so it can land you the first job in the new career.

Briefly put, an objective statement is a short paragraph where you highlight your career plans and goals so recruiters can tell what you want to achieve moving forward and what can you bring to the table from your previous career experience. Thus, the statement should underline both past achievements and future ambitions.

Writing a balanced and convincing objective is challenging, which is why we’ve brought together career change resume objective examples that can help you craft your own. You will learn to call attention to the skills that make you a great fit for the career of your choice.

How to Write a Resume Objective for Career Change

The resume objective tells recruiters what benefits you can bring to the company, so you have to adapt it specifically for each job you’re applying for.

Don’t Use Generic Words

Don’t write vague and general things that apply to any job in any situation since hiring managers see this as worthless copy-paste. Research extensively the company you’re interested in, read carefully the job description, and ensure that your objective covers aspects that will attract the managers’ attention by referring to the actual profile of the company.

Focus on Keywords

Many resumes are screened automatically by a resume checker so if you want yours to be noticed you must include relevant keywords for each position. If you’re new in a career, the best way to find important keywords is to look at various job descriptions and identify the most common terms that also refer to your own skills and strengths. Your objective should include at least some of these keywords.

Highlight Transferable Skills

No matter what was your previous career and what job are you aiming for now, there are many core skills and abilities that apply to different careers. If you don’t know how to identify transferable skills, you can use a resume writing service, which will know how to make all your skills and achievements seem relevant for the new employer. If you need some ideas, this is a good list to start:

  • Planning and organizing
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Written and verbal communication skills

Your resume objective should refer to these skills, underlining their relevance and immediate applicability for the new position.

Don’t Neglect Personal Qualities

If there’s a place where not to strive for humbleness but highlight your qualities as much as you can that is your resume. Personal qualities can be seen as a great asset in your new career if you present them in a relevant way. Being reliable, loyal, adaptable, perfectionist, creative, or hard-working are all things that matter greatly in the professional world.

Career Change Resume Objective Statement Examples

Now that you understood why the resume objective is instrumental in finding a job, you may think writing it is hard. “Can I find someone to write my resume?” is probably your next concern. Yes, you can find someone to help or you can explore resume objective examples to find inspiration. You can also check resume writer jobs at Jooble.

Examples of an objective statement:

  • “Graphic designer with five years’ experience looking to leverage knowledge of visual media platforms and strong communication skills to develop online marketing strategies for X’s social media platforms.”
  • “A highly-motivated nurse with ten years’ experience looking to leverage the knowledge of the medical field in a sales career where strong communication skills, integrity, and adaptability to a fast-paced environment could be an asset.”
  • “Accomplished creative freelance fiction writer seeking a cover design position to maximize ten years of experience in the independent publishing industry.”

Artfully listing a relevant combination of previous accomplishments, personal qualities, and future goals can make your resume objective statement grab the attention of any hiring manager.