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Recommendation letter sample

Feb 26 2017

The letter of recommendation is composed by somebody to prescribe some other individual. It might be required in doctoral level colleges, temporary job programs, volunteer works, and occupations. It is given by the person who has the information of the individual’s abilities and skills. The suggestion letter ought to talk about the qualities and attributes of the person for whom it is to be issued.

Recommendation letter sample
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If you are planning to apply for a job, then you know how important a recommendation is to the process of getting hired. You may not be familiar with writing it but probably, you have asked for one is the past. If someone is going to ask you for reference, how are you going to produce a great letter which is going to help your colleague, employee or friend to get hired? Well, by reading this blog post, you are going to learn and gain an understanding of how you are going to structure the letter.

Why Are Reference Letters crucial?

Most employers normally request the employees to produce a recommendation letter that is going to help them whether to hire or promote an individual. In the hiring process, applicant always strives to present oneself in the best light possible
The hiring manager always wishes to clearly understand the experiences which candidates are going to bring to the new role, how he or she is going to contribute to the success of the company and the general behavior during official working hours.
What the reference writes up is also a way that complements candidates story and suggests what the candidate is likely to bring to the table if offered a vacancy.
If you are working in cover letter service company and you are requested to write on behalf of someone, then it will be safe if you assume you are the one who wants to get employed. When you help someone to get employed he will treat it or her as a satisfying and good deal but also professional. You should try as much as you can to turn good intentions into a standout employee recommendation.
Each letter is going to be different but as usual, good and professional ones are going to share some common features. Characteristics of the good message should be maintained.

Key Features that Make a Letter of Recommendation stand out

Persuasive letters are what is going to give a definite description of the skills possessed by a candidate in a concise way. Beyond the use of language which is clear and error free. Your recommendations should include the following key elements.

  • It should explain why one is fully qualified to recommend a candidate
  • It should use some specific examples as well as anecdotes
  • It should be customized to a new position
  • Use official format
  • Start with strong openers
  • Contain official examples

The individual composing the suggestion letter ought to be sufficiently qualified to make such proposal. It ought to be somebody having the firsthand learning of candidate work history and different achievements. It might be a nearby associate, prompt administrator, boss, and so on. The suggestion letters for graduates are composed by the workforce having direct contact with the candidate.
If you are writing the letter of proposal for somebody, it is vital that you do exclude any negative remarks or shortcomings. Ensure that you incorporate the certainties and present the points of interest plainly.
The experts who are talented to compose the letter of suggestion compose and audit it and give you the last completed proposal. You need to get it marked by the recommender and submit to the power as coveted.
The suggestion ought to incorporate the parts:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Period for which the reference knows the candidate
  • Explanation of the reference’s capability for making such proposal
  • Provide case for clarifying the specificity of candidate
  • Applicant’s particular capabilities and skills in calling depicting particular illustrations
  • Provide the data in regards to the competitor’s character. This can be on the premise of segregation, for example, race, shading, religion, age, nationality, conjugal status, appearance, inabilities, and so forth.
  • The fundamental qualities that ought to be specified in the proposal letter are verbal and composed relational abilities, confidence, insight, adaptability, activity, eagerness to acknowledge obligations, interpersonal aptitudes, basic leadership and critical thinking expertise, cooperation and responsibility, initiative qualities, and so on.
  • Do not utilize the expressions like sensible, acceptable, great, sufficient, and so on.; rather you can utilize the words like outstanding, noteworthy, eloquent, self-assured, adaptable, inventive, imaginative, alterable, devoted, qualified, creative, and so forth.
  • Keep as a primary concern to incorporate the contact data of the reference in the suggestion. The business might need to contact the reference to know more about applicants working capacities.
  • If you are composing the proposal for somebody, ensure that you don’t exaggerate the applicant’s capacities and qualities. Try not to give Misty data in the letter.

The best possible and viable letter of the proposal will help you in accomplishing the reason for which it is to be composed. Knowing the tips for composing proposal, you can compose a decent and alluring letter of suggestion


Betty Kazz
Leon Pharmaceuticals
2444, Dangote Avenue
William Paul
Kassmart Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
3788, Northern Street
Delta Valley, NY 11455

Dear Mr. William,
I, Betty Kazz, am the administrator of Leon Pharmaceuticals. I am composing this letter with a specific end goal to suggest my Assistant Manager, Mr. Vincent Worth in your regarded organization for the position of the Manager. I have known Mr. Vincent Worth for as far back as five years and feel highly regarded to prescribe him for your organization.
Vincent joined our firm as a fresher in the wake of finishing his higher studies. He showed incredible ability and educated the occupation attitudes immediately contrasted with different representatives. He was advanced twice in the organization and picked up the position of an Assistant Manager on the premise of his remarkable execution. He is a persevering person with heaps of ability and developments. I am certain that he can be an awesome resource for your organization on the off chance that you contract him. He is an incredible cooperative person as well. He composed the group of 12 individuals and raised their execution and gave most extreme business to the organization in a solitary month.
I would unequivocally prescribe Vincent for your association. I know the notoriety of your organization, and I am certain that he will work with the same effectiveness and certainty that he worked for us.
You can get in touch with me on the gave subtle contact elements to any of the inquiry in regards to the ability of Mr. Vincent Worth. I will clearly react to your inquiries as quickly as time permits.
Yours sincerely,
Betty Kazz
Leon Pharmaceuticals

From this sample, we can summarize and say the recommendation should follow the followings tips

It is important to compose a letter of proposal sooner or later for your vocation. Henceforth it is important to be all around educated about composing a successful suggestion letter for somebody to secure work and be set up for drafting one. Spotter or manager utilizes powerful medium to decide your abilities.

It ought to incorporate subtle elements, for example, the name of the requester, instructive capabilities, rundown of tasks and other such points of interest which the requester might want to underline. The points of interest incorporated into it ought to be exact.

The fundamental point of composing a proposal is to give affirmation about the gifts, abilities, and capability of the hopeful. It is utilized when you are applying for an occupation or for looking for advancement. It is key in the assessment procedure for the business while considering you as an applicant applying for a specific employment in the association or industry.

Some supportive guidelines are portrayed here which will help you to draft a viable letter proposal:

  • Browse distinctive sites and be educated about the right techniques for drafting a letter of proposal. They will likewise offer you a case of proposal or free suggestion example which will give you a brief framework about the techniques for composing a powerful letter.
  • It is important to incorporate data about the time from when you have known the individual and capacities. It ought to state qualities, for example, administration aptitudes, different qualities, and flexibility. You ought to use an expert style of drafting a letter furthermore utilize the specialized words identified with the post in it.
  • You can likewise incorporate representations which will depict the characteristics of the person to the selection representative. The essential segments to be integrated into the letter are a presentation, body, and conclusion.
  • It is ought to start with performance area which ought to give the subtle elements, for example, your name and assignment alongside the requester’s name and assignment.
  • The body of the letter ought to contain insights about the obligations embraced in the past occupation and execution. Incorporate a few aptitudes and qualities which would portray the characteristics of the person. Try not to utilize pointless data or words.The conclusion ought to be finished by depicting the general evaluation of the requester and show capacity of the requester for the connected post.
  • You ought to likewise incorporate your contact data. This will help the business to do a development or check your qualifications.
  • Once the letter is drafted, edit all the substance incorporated into it. This will help you to recognize your linguistic use and spelling rectifications and make the fundamental amendments.
  • The length ought not to be more than one page. It ought to unmistakably express the motivation behind the letter. You ought to likewise look at the motivation behind composing the letter and draft appropriately.
  • It is important to spare a duplicate which can be used for future references


Depending on the relationship you have with a candidate, you can go ahead and focus on personal character or work performance in the recommendation. Employers are going to focus heavily on the professional skills. Co-workers can go a step ahead and add some personal qualities

As much as you ensure you incorporate all features as discussed above and take your time in making the letter precise and confident then be sure the recommendation is going to be helpful to your colleague, employee or friend to be hired. Who know, in 3 years’ time, he or she might be the one to write for you.