Settling in For the Right Job

After the waiting for first round, now you have been pre-selected for the job of your dreams, or the one that will take you further in your career. All the stress is just getting intensive probably, but you are one step forward and getting to the goal.

Now, what does it mean to settle?

Settling in means that you are willing to put all your efforts and thoughts in this, such as a relationship and you decide to settle, it means that you have found what you’ve been looking for or better. And because you have settled, you will have to remind yourself the reasons you found for such decision.

This is time you have to prepare yourself for that important and decisive interview, where you will discuss all the points for your future.

You probably get anxious and stress.

So what to do before that important interview?

  • One of the things to remember is that going to the gym, for a run, or any other exercise will help you to keep the energy on balance. Blowing some steam is necessary to let go of unnecessary stress.
  • Take a day where you won’t exist for your family and friends and start writing down the topics you would like to cover, or that you think it will be covered. Such as:
    • What are your expectations from salary negotiation, you can also write down the different arguments to it (isn’t about providing excuses of how much you want to give, but more about providing reasons because debate might be part of the negotiation. You would like to mention education, experiences, abilities, skills, literacy, knowledge, professional background, empirical knowledge, trainings, career coaching seminars, developments, etc. The more ideas you have, the more prepare you will be.
    • Another topic that you will want to prepare is the benefits package. This are things you should write down as well, because then again the more things come to your mind the better it will be when negotiation comes. i.e. Transport, bonuses, meal vouchers, etc.
    • Things that you want to cover are the reasons why you want the job. Here you have plenty of them, but most important is to be honest about it. Meaning that if you feel this job isn’t for you, don’t go selling it as if is the job of your dreams if the truth is different. Although there should be many reasons on why you want it, and is good to have them clear.

i.e. This is a job that will make you grow as a professional, this job will enhance your skills, in this job you will be able to put your abilities in use, this jobs offers you stability… think about all the positive things and write them down. This will help you to remember the reasons when the conversation arises. See, people get nervous in this situation, and having a list already prepared gives you security in your talk. There’s nothing wrong on feeling the stress, as long as you put it out on paper and not in the conversation.

Some people don’t even bother to prepare the reasons and when they get to the interview, the only thing they think about is ‘because I want a big house, and a big car, and ….’ –that happens and it looks like you don’t really have reasons for it. That’s why you have to write it down, think about and be ready to shoot the right answers.

The employer wants to hear you being honest about the things you want or not. And that’s exactly what you need to do and say, but if you prepare it ahead, you will have the opportunity to make it sound even better than it actually is.

  • Try relaxing, and that doesn’t mean going on vacation and postponing the interview. What really means is that you go to bed early so you can wake up fresh in the morning, also remember your healthy diet (whatever it is) and above all, stay respectful.
  • By this point you should have done the most intensive research over the company and you know who is who and what is what. If you gotten time, you have been also checking the company’s growth and loses; here you can get a star by talking about it in a very subtle way, meaning that you won’t go all crazy about the loses, but more introducing your experiences or expertise that may help to achieve ‘certain topics’ (relating to this issue).

If you haven’t done the correspondent research, here is your last chance. Where you have to prove how committed you are to the company and how serious you are taking this job. Don’t hesitate in asking for more information, rather think proactive. The employers want to know the depth of interest of their future employees. But, then again… don’t ask things you can find on the public eye (such websites and social media).

  • Another thing to prepare in advance is the transport you are taking to get there. Either you are driving, taking a taxi, taking the bus, train or subway. You need to be prepared and know in advance how long it will take you to get there according to the place you are going to. You won’t want to miss such appointment because there was a strike, or because you calculated forty minutes and at the end you did fifty. You need to prevent these things and having plan A, B and C is a safe way to go. Now, you can find the maps online and also you can find complete streets with very useful information including images of the building you are going to, so you will know how the place looks from outside.
  • At this point you also know the dress code of the building, so take some time to go prepared but also to feel comfortable. Some offices have carpets in all the floors and some other don’t. So, even take in consideration how your shoes will sound when walking downs the hall. Moderate your perfume/cologne. If you are a woman, don’t exaggerate your make up; and if you are a man, try looking clean. This isn’t a personality change, moreover is to show respect to their silent rules. Prepare double, just in case your cat walks over it or scratch it down by ‘accident’, so you won’t freak out if happens.
  • Another thing to prepare is having enough credit on your cellphone in case of an emergency while you are on the way. Most of the people have a monthly payment plan on their phones, and then is okay, but if you are one of those people using pre-paid cards, therefore take this advice into consideration.
  • Remember to be thankful for the opportunity from inside out, since it’s pretty obvious in people’s faces when is or isn’t. Don’t sabotage yourself thinking that you are above everyone, since nobody is indispensable, neither yourself.

If you have made a check list already and some things aren’t in this list; don’t worry. Your ideas are part of the reasons you will succeed and remember them always.

Another thing to point out is that you should be sure of yourself. Sometimes people will try talking you out when it comes to a job that you wish to have; either because of jealousy or over-protection but you need to remember all the reasons above in your list, because at the end you are the one in need of a job and you are the one that has been pre-selected.

Some of the things people will mention are facts, such as: the honeymoon of the job is lasts one month to three months, meaning that during all that time you won’t feel the burden of a schedule, stress of deadlines, and etc., because you are in the first love of what you like doing. After that time passes, your body will start resenting your efforts, probably lack of sleep, and peace of mind, eating disorder, brain burnt, and the list goes on.  Have you felt that way? Well, you aren’t the only one. Welcome to the world’s biggest club, where everyone gets to hate their job at least once a week. That’s a human condition, is okay to feel that way (sometimes); after creating a habit, the body and the mind start recalling it as boring and exhausting. More than that, some people get greedy or burnt out. But remembering the ‘reasons’ (again) keeps you healthy for future feelings.

Also if you feel this isn’t the right job for you, think about it before taking the wrong decision, it might be that you are only having cold feet, so it might go away (hopefully). Don’t let anyone put yourself down. If you have been called to an interview, that means that you have the right to be there, maybe because of your professional background or your amazing curriculum, or because you are still a junior. For all those reasons and more, you deserve to be there, you have earned the right to be there, and now you are just ready as you can be to get the job.


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