Resumes for Stay at Home Parents

Resumes for Stay at Home Parents

We all know that parenting young children is a job requiring hundreds of skills: organization, scheduling, taking initiative – not to mention conflict resolution! But stepping from the home to the office after many years out is a nerve-wracking prospect.

You may have only a short time out of the professional world, or be aiming to get in for the first time.  Your experiences, skills, and history will mean the ideal resume for you may not fit well with someone else. Here are our best resume writing tips to help you get started yourself. Alternatively, meet our professional resume writers — experts in bringing people back to work.

Don’t make cute references to house management skills – it looks unprofessional! Keep any explanation to a short sentence in a cover letter or during an interview.


If your time out of the workforce has been short, you will be in prime position to write a stellar resume.  We recommend replacing an Objective with a Summary (or Executive Summary) of what you are best known for and excel at – Project Management, Data Analysis, or Hairdressing, whatever you know best!

You work history should come next, chronologically. Functional resumes are increasingly not an option as hiring managers realize the candidate has something to hide. Finally, you can put your education and other relevant skills.

Those who managed to freelance, volunteer, or work part-time should include this in your job history – you might not have a gap at all! No one needs to know part-time means 5 hours a week or your online commerce experience was selling old furniture on eBay. Look for figures and accomplishments you can use as you would for a regular job.

If your work experience was limited, or you’re planning on switching fields, you might want to feature your education more heavily or before the work history, especially if your GPA is high or your field is relevant.  If you fit into this category, leading with a strong objective or a great cover letter can show the employer why you’re the best for the job.


With patchy previous work experience, it is going to be harder to qualify. The best time to prepare for going back to work is before going back to work! Use your time job hunting to qualify for new skills or volunteer.

Using freelancing sites like Upwork or Peopleperhour is a way to gain part-time experience. Anything is better than nothing, and some anythings like Virtual Assistantships can give you solid transferable skills.

Online courses from websites such as Lynda or Treehouse can also  be used to add skills to your resume.  Show employers you take initiative and improve yourself.

Staying at home doesn’t mean your career is finished, even if you have to take a longer route to get back in.  A positive attitude, transferable skills, and a great cover letter are all things you can show employers without needing years of experience!

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