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Tom Smulders

Marketing Director

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the hard work you put into my excellent new resume. I have you to thank for my new job!

Mark Hiddleston

Design Engineer

I had heard that they offered 100% satisfaction every time. I was very happy with my new, better-looking, and easier-to-read resume.

Cobie Gregg

Lawyer made everything so easy! It was only a few steps and very soon I had a great resume to use. I highly recommend this service!


High Quality  We offer only quality products, we promise that you will be pleased with the results.Professional certified writers work with you to get a great career! Personal Approach  Every client is served individually. We take your documents and career as seriously as you do! You can always ask for support or contact your writer. Advanced Support  Our support team members are trained professionals who can solve your most complex problems. They are happy to assist you! Professional service guaranteed: Extremely fast one day turnaround Professionally certified and qualified writers Complete writer transparency before placing an order Affordable pricing - $129 per item Unlimited revisions Customizable packages for discounts
Keywords is what will get you noticed. Think about it a resume is like a personal statement to the employer saying why you are right for them. Use their language and keywords. Show in the professional skills section what you have done that will help them. Employers are looking for candidates who are both the right fit for their company, and who have the right skill set.
A professional resume writer can help you move forward through identifying the most important information for your presentation and where to place it. They can help you construct sentences that will clearly demonstrate your abilities while explaining talents you probably didn’t even realize you could mention. Our experts are well versed in resume formats and the job market. They know what information to add and leave out. They have often worked as recruiters and know the processes that are used to locate candidates!
It is necessary for everyone to have if they want to remain competitive in the workforce. Every industry has a unique format that is set out to correctly display the information that is most pertinent and necessary to notice.
Chronological: This is the most common type, it is best when you have a progressive work history with a steady demonstration of skill building in one industry. Combinational: This one is great if you feel you need to highlight certain skills and knowledge that you have not used a lot, or have only learnt in school. This is a format that is not utilized enough, and can produce massive results if done correctly.
Our team has experience in a variety of industries and are fully trained in this profession. We can offer you a unique piece that is related to your specific field, which sells your skills and talents. Our writers have advanced writing skills and know how to create a presentation that gets the attention of prospective employers. From targeted, combinational, functional, chronological and non-conventional, we are the experts. We take your career as seriously as you do. We keep our focus on working directly with you through 1 vs 1 interview to create the best result possible and help you achieve your career goals. Our writers can determine which format is the best for your professional history and new direction. Resumes that get you a career you love is what CraftResumes does.


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