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How To Make Your Resume Fit To A Job Description

Feb 13 2017

We all know the hassles of writing resumes. It can be painful, frustrating and infuriating at times. Never the less, it’s something we all have to do at some point in our lives. The great thing is that we will be showing you how to make a great resume that shows you how to make your resume fit a job description.
How To Make Your Resume Fit To A Job Description
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What Is a Job Description?

When it comes to applying for a job, the employer will often ask for a job description. This is often requires you to fill out what you’re capable of. For example, skills, duties and tasks and maybe some responsibilities that maybe unique to a specific job to help the employer or company know that you are a good suit for the job offer.

In some cases when it comes to applying for jobs that require a higher education, you will be asked to mention any qualifications that you have achieved through college or university. For other jobs such as manual labour jobs, will require certifications such as licences. These licences can be for safety and forklift driving. For the food and hospitality, you will be asked to hold a liquor licence to serve alcohol at the function you will be employed at.

Writing A Good Job Title

When it comes to writing a resume, one of the most important things you need is a good job title. When it comes to having a good job title it must be relevant to the job you’re looking for. In order to make a good job title, you need to make it clear and obvious. Example, “Web Developer”. A bad job title for this would be “Developing Programs On The Web”. Rather than describing the job, use a similar job title that exists that makes it clear and concise. Usually your job title will already exist, it’s just a matter of finding your job in that industry and using the right title.

Be Specific About Your Skills

When it comes to knowing how to make your resume pefectly fit to a job description, there are certain skills you need to be specific about. For the most part, when people write a job description, they put down the bare minimum such as “answering phones”. This maybe true, but there are ways to show your skills in a more effective and concise manner that will give a greater impact to the person that is reading the resume.

Instead of just saying “answering phones”, you can put “Resolved customer service issues via phone”. Using this technique not only makes your job skills and qualifications look more interesting, but it helps clarify what skills you have for the job description.


When it comes to writing duties, it’s often an area that most people will get wrong. What you want to do is to do your best in writing a job description that contains a list of duties and responsibilities that is relevant to the job. As a general rule when it comes to writing job duties, it should be no longer than 3 sentences, and to be kept as short and simple as possible to make it easier for the reader. Another tip is try and stick away from titles such as “all rounder”, and be as specific and clear as possible so the employer knows specifically what you are good at.

Skills And Achievements

These should be completely seperate from duties. When it comes to skills, it’s an area that is used to help the employer see what you are good at and the experience you have had with the particular skill in your previous or current employment. When it comes to mentioning your skills, don’t forget to make your skills as clear and obvious as possible. Make sure you don’t just put down your job as a skill. For example “Cleaner”. Use aspects of your job to make your skills noted by the employer, such as “Eye for detail and attention”.

Don’t forget to put down communication as a skill when you are writing your skills and achievements. This is often left out. Be sure to always put a mention of team work in, as most companies like to know you will get along with fellow staff, even if the job doesn’t specifically require working in a team.

A Final Tip!

When it comes to writing job descriptions, it’s also best to do as much research as possible about the job before hand. This includes researching their website, blog and how they use their own language to communicate their vision and goals. Remember to always be as specific as possible and to use their language to apply for the job that you are going. Best of luck!