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How to Differentiate Amateur from Professional writer

Feb 23 2017

One of the most important deciding factors in whether you get a job or not is your resume. Its quality makes all the difference when edging closer to your dream career irrespective of your experience. In most instances, job seekers prefer to craft their own resumes without the help of professional resume writer. They simply research sample resumes from the internet. But how can you know identify a professional resume service? What is a professional resume writing service? Here is how to differentiate amateur from a professional writer.

How to Differentiate Amateur from Professional Resume writer
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Amateurs wait for the best time professionals take action

Before figuring out what you want to do you must know what you are. Since so much of your creation is connected to what you are, you must know your identity. However, there is always a right way and a wrong way of doing this. For you to be professional you must perform your way. You must start by believing in yourself before mastering the skill. This also applies to resume writing service. If you are not confident there is nothing much that you can do.

A professional knows the templates, an amateur do not

Do you know the design, template and fonts that you should use in designing the resume? A certified resume writer understands exactly which design, font, and template suit a particular resume. They know what the management expects once they glance at your resume. In job hunting, if you fail to stand out your resume will be rejected.

Professional knows the candidate profiles amateurs do not

When writing a resume do you know that the candidate is the best? Is the resume conveying the same message? Best resume writing service knows what to incorporate in a resume and what to blot out. He or she will talk about your accomplishments in the best way so as to grab the attention of the managers.

A professional sound like a pro but amateurs do not

Is your resume sounding like a pro or not? If it does not sound well chances are amateurs has written it. Amateurs always do the job all heartedly thereby making the resume seem like something that has just been crafted for the sake of it. Before writing a professional resume you must decide to sound like a pro. In any case, why would the managers be attracted to an amateur? When hiring they are always looking for someone who can multitask and who is all rounder. He must show the zeal to do the job without any problems.

A professional apply the rules while amateurs do not

When it comes to crafting a resume there are several rules that should be used. These include modifiers, adjectives, and keywords to target. As a writer, you need to tell a story so as to pass a specific point across to the target audience. To portray the candidate as the best on a piece of paper is not very easy hence a professional resume writer should do this in the best way possible. This is something that resume writers after mastered over time. They are always good in extracting what you are good at.

A professional are remembers while amateurs are noticed

A professional resume writer cares about his legacy. He is not just thinking about a onetime win. He is actually thinking about the long run and the effect of the resume long after he wrote it. He normally works on something that will endure for a very long time.


The job search process is a very hard process hence the candidate should prepare himself for a tough time. This can only be done if you hire a professional resume writer.