Four Under-Appreciated College Majors

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Far too many college students choose a major based solely on society’s opinion of those who work in that field. They also worry about how much money they’re going to make, how long they have to attend college to get their degree, and what kind of job opportunities will be available to them after they graduate.

However, these students are missing the point of college. Getting a higher education is basically giving yourself a license to explore, learn, and see things in ways that you’ve never seen them before. If you hate business, why study it? Isn’t the underlying reason behind going to college finding a way to make money by doing something that you love? These are the questions career coaching helps to solve.

Besides (and I hate to break this to you), most graduates never actually work in the fields that they spent four years studying. So, why not enjoy it?

Below are the four most under-appreciated college majors, and how you can utilize them in ways you never considered before.

1. Education in Journalism

Since this list was created in no particular order, I’ll just tell you outright – journalism is the most under-appreciated college major in existence.

Students refuse to study journalism because they believe that they won’t make a decent living by working in a dying field. But here’s the hard reality.

Journalism is only growing.

It’s just changing its shape. You might not work for a news station anymore. Instead, you might be a freelancer, working for many different publications and employing the unique ability to work anywhere you want.

Or, maybe you’ll be a blogger, making money from the advertisements you sell on your homepage. You could also sell your work to magazines, market your own short stories and feature pieces, and (here’s the best part) cover the news however you want on your own news page.

This is where journalism is heading. Bigger, better, and more interesting things. An endless stream of opportunity awaits – plus, it’s fun to study.

2. Public Relations

What can you do with a degree in Public Relations?

Probably a lot more than you originally thought. Politicians, school districts, teachers, celebrities, professors, and athletes are all popular employers of “PR Directors“. You know, those people who take care of their speeches and social media pages; the people who help avert every major public disaster in existence.

But PR majors can also run social media pages for large companies. They can help businesses create an online brand. They can help writers and readers and CEOs keep their message intact. Branding isn’t a new concept, but the internet is completely changing the definition. Now, PR majors can hold the power of the people in their hands, simply by pressing a few buttons.

3. Political Science Degree

I’m not going to argue that there are a ton of jobs for a graduate with a Political Science degree, but there are certainly plenty of interesting classes to take. Since a four-year degree in just about anything will land you a decent job, why not study something that actually makes you think about the world in which you live? If you’ve ever had an eye for politics and you’re not sure what you want to do after college, this is the perfect major for you.

4. Entrepreneurship

Knowing how to start your own business and make money by doing what you love is not only a talent, but a gift. You can graduate and have the knowledge to do literally anything you want, and you don’t have to answer to an employer for it. Your life will be a mix of clients, employees, and management.

And, even if you don’t decide to start your own company altogether, you’ll have managerial and communication experience that will make you a serious candidate for high-paying jobs. Potential employers love the idea of hiring someone who knows how to start their own business, and who might have a few opinions when it comes to the betterment of the company. This makes you a real asset (if not a bit of a threat).

There are many more under-appreciated college majors. I can’t possibly claim that these are the only four. Economics is another major that deserves more attention, as does management and business. I’m sure you’ve encountered more than one major that, after taking a class or two, seemed far more interesting than you previously thought.

It’s one of the most frustrating things about college. You only get to do it once. And, if you’re going to go into debt to do it, you might as well love what you’re studying.

That makes for an even best resume when you get out.

Good luck!

Cassandra Bondie
Cassandra Bondie

Founder at Misadventures in the Mitten. Author at Cassandra is a journalism and public relations student at Michigan State University. She is also the writer and creator of Misadventures in the Mitten and Howell Teens. She has been featured on MLive and as an activist in her area, and has a strong passion for education and career-studies.

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