5 reasons why you are not called for job interview

Getting called into a job interview can be challenging, especially when your insecure about your qualifications, like many of us are. Adding to the frustration is the fact that we might have other things getting in the way of working full time, such has studying. Not all employers want to hire students. However, there are a few things you should not do, which will increase your chances of getting called into a job interview if you steer away from them. So here we go, the top five reasons why you are not called in to job interviews.

5 reasons why you are not called for job interview
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  1. The just not into youYou might be extremely fantastic, with the exact right qualifications, but sometimes not even that is enough to get called into a job interview. Someone else might have been better suited for the job. Maybe they were more experienced, had even better qualifications, and had other things on their resume that sounded better for the employer. There is really nothing you can do about this point except maybe taking a look at your resume to see what you can remove and maybe some interesting facts about yourself that you could add. An employer doesn’t always just look at the qualifications. They might want someone who is interested in subjects closer to what they are interested in. Again, not too much you can do about it.
  2. You didn’t follow the directionsQualifications, interests, experiences. They are all really worth nothing if you do not follow the directions given. It is extremely important to tailor your resume and applications to what the company is asking for. If the company says you must have experience within a subject, make sure to show them that you do. If you apply for a job and you do not follow the directions, you might be missing out, just as they will. You could be the perfect guy or gal for the job, but they just don’t know it, because you did not tell them. Remember, if they say you have to have something, or that you need to put something on your application, do it. Read the job offer throughout, and make sure you understand what they’re asking for.
  3. Bad applicationTons of employers have said that one of the biggest and most common mistakes of a cover letter, is the fact that it’s for the wrong job opening. This is another point resting on the fact that you have to read the job opening throughout and make sure you understand everything. Do not, and I stress, do not send out mass emails. Make sure every application is tailored to the job, and the employer’s needs. If you will not bother tailoring your application for the job offer, how can they expect you to do your job with effort? Most of the problems surrounding not getting that call, is not bothering to do enough research, or spend enough time on the application. There are hundreds of people applying for the same job as you, make sure you stand out with a fantastic application.
  4. Overqualified, underqualified, or just wrongDon’t expect the company where you are applying a job to find the right fit for you. Make sure your qualified for the job, and that it is right for you. They need a specific job to be filled, sending them a random application will not help anything. It is pretty normal for employers to question whether or not the applicant even read the job description, and that’s a huge problem.
  5. The job is takenIn many instances, you will not get a call back because the position is already filled. There is really nothing you can do about this, except continue searching for your next job.

Now that you’ve got something to think about, all we can say is good luck with the job hunt!

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